TACORA is led by seasoned mining experts with deep insight into the industry. We promote a flat, team-based organization that empowers our team members to take initiative as problem solvers. We believe in hard work, dedication, creativity, efficient execution and a One Team mindset all while maintaining safety as our top priority. These principles define what drives our business.

Management Team

Larry Lehtinen
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lehtinen has more than forty years of experience in the areas of ferrous metallurgy, plant engineering, geology, mining, plant optimization, direct iron reduction, iron-making, project development, construction, finance, marketing and executive management. Mr. Lehtinen is a technology pioneer having written over twenty patent applications. Mr. Lehtinen’s prior experiences include work as Chief Executive Officer of Magnetation, Vice President at Steel Dynamics, Vice President at Cleveland Cliffs (Cliffs Natural Resources) and Vice President at Inland Steel.  Mr. Lehtinen has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota and Bachelors in Minerals Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Matt Lehtinen
Chief Operating Officer

Matt Lehtinen has more than fourteen years of combined experience in the areas of mineral processing, process control, operations, finance, marketing and executive management.  In his previous role at Magnetation, Mr. Lehtinen helped raise and deploy $1.0 billion in capital to build three iron ore mine and concentrate facilities and a pellet plant with over 500 employees in only three years.

Mr. Lehtinen’s prior experiences include work as Chief Operating Officer of Magnetation, Automation Sales Manager at Felins USA, Inc. and as an Automation Sales Engineer at Rockwell Automation.  Mr. Lehtinen has a Master’s in Business Administration from Marquette University and Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University with minors in Business and Spanish.

Joe Broking
Chief Financial Officer

Joe Broking has more than twenty years of combined experience in the areas of corporate finance, treasury, capital fundraising, investor relations, compliance, risk management, accounting, audit, operations management, human resources management and information technology management.  As Chief Financial Officer of Magnetation., Mr. Broking helped raise over $1.0 billion in capital and helped build world-class finance systems capable of meeting rigorous financial reporting requirements to support the build-out of three iron ore mines and a pellet plant.

Mr. Broking’s prior experience includes work with several large multi-national corporations, international assignments, manufacturing management as well as economic development, including Chief Financial Officer of Magnetation, President and CEO of Itasca Economic Development Corporation, Director of Operations at Bucyrus, Director of Finance at Terex, and Director of Financial Accounting, among other positions at StoraEnso.

Hope Wilson
Chief Accounting Officer

Hope Wilson has more than nineteen years of combined experience in the areas of certified public accounting, SEC compliant reporting, corporate finance, compliance, audit, corporate tax, information technology and financial system implementations.

Mrs. Wilson’s prior experiences include Chief Accounting Officer of Magnetation, Accountant at Laserex Systems, Ceridian Employer Services and Boyum and Barenscheer. Mrs. Wilson has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a CPA.

Bob Gagne
V.P. and General Manager, Scully Mine

Bob Gagne has more than twenty three years of experience in the iron ore industry, progressing through more demanding leadership roles thus developing strengths and expertise in: mining and processing operations, asset management, operating efficiencies, budget development and cost management, HR policy & workplace culture, capital expansions, start-ups, and project management. Mr. Gagne’s prior experiences include General Manager at Baffinland, Superintendent Processing Operations Tata Steel Minerals Canada and Manager Processing Operations at IOC Rio Tinto. Mr. Gagne has a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology from the College of the North Atlantic (Cabot Institute).

Joe Nielsen
General Manager- Advanced Operations Team

Joe Nielsen has more than twelve years of experience in areas of mechanical design, construction, process optimization, operations leadership and mine planning.  In his previous role as General Manager at Magnetation, Joe led the strategies to achieve full iron ore production rate within the first month of operation.

Mr. Nielsen’s prior experiences include progressing roles of leadership at Magnetation, Mechanical Engineer at U.S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore Operations in the areas of maintenance and operations.  Mr. Nielsen has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Minnesota.

Mike Twite
Manager, Environment & Government Affairs

Mike Twite has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, land management, contract negotiations and government affairs.  In his previous role as Environmental Manager at Magnetation, Mr. Twite led the environmental permitting for three iron ore mine and concentrate facilities  and a pellet plant.

Mr. Twite’s prior experiences include work as President of Headwaters Environmental Inc., Environmental Manager at Potlatch Corp., and other various leadership positions within International Paper Corp. Mr. Twite has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is retired with the rank of Captain after twenty-four years in the US Navy.