Any business interested in supplying works, goods or services to Tacora must demonstrate that it is qualified before it may be considered for a business opportunity. A pre-qualified supplier is a company that, in our opinion, is capable of delivering works, goods or services in accordance with Tacora’s schedule, meets our regulatory and industrial work quality standards and performs or provides works, goods or services at a competitive price and in accordance with fair industry standards.

Tacora supports the principles of first consideration and full and fair opportunity for suppliers located within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. First consideration is given to services provided from within the province and to goods manufactured in the province, where those services and goods are competitive in terms of fair market price, quality and delivery. First consideration in implementing procurement opportunities will be given to pre-qualified suppliers located in Labrador followed by other pre-qualified suppliers located in the remainder of the province. All suppliers have the opportunity to participate on a competitive basis in the supply of goods and services to Tacora’s operations.

TACORA is committed to providing business opportunities to women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities and people from visible minority groups, which are collectively referred to as “designated groups”. We promote and seek the use of local labour, suppliers, contractors and organizations majority owned by members of designated groups and encourage business development within the province to the extent that local suppliers can be competitive in areas of cost-effectiveness. Tacora promotes and encourages the successful involvement of companies from designated groups in the procurement process. Supporting this process, we encourage these companies to register and self-identify as part of the pre-qualification process.

For a company to be considered for a becoming a Tacora pre-qualified vendor, there are several criteria that must be described in the appropriate level of detail. The company should prepare an informational package that addresses the following topics:

a) previous experience in performing projects of a similar nature, including quality of work and adherence to schedule and budget;
b) continuity of supply;
c) timely performance;
d) ability to provide the required works, goods or services, including the ability to provide any required follow-up works, goods or services;
e) qualifications, experience and capabilities of personnel;
f) management structure, including self-identification within applicable “designated groups”;
g) operational integration of any business partners;
h) financial capacity;
i) insurance and bonding;
j) health, safety and environmental procedures and records; and
k) quality management systems.

The company’s submission should also include a filled out copy of Tacora’s New Vendor form. Submit all information to:

Tacora Resources Inc.
1 Wabush Mines Road
PO Box 3000
Wabush, NL A0R1B0
Attn: Purchasing Department

The current listing of active vendors is given here.

Tacora will send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to applicable pre-qualified vendors. All questions regarding RFP details should be addressed to the specific Tacora Project Manager identified in the RFP.

In evaluating any contract tenders or bids, Tacora will use the following criteria and shall communicate any project specific variances in the associates Request for Proposal (RFP):

(a) price and cost competitiveness;
(b) quality;
(c) ability to meet the technical specifications of prescribed goods and services;
(d) ability to supply and deliver the goods and services;
(e) timely delivery;
(f) safety, health and environmental record;
(g) commitments to utilize “designated group” businesses as sub-contractors
(h) commitments to employ individuals from within “designated groups”;
(i) commitments to purchase works, goods and services from “designated group” businesses;
(j) commitments to train workers who identify within “designated groups”;
(k) any other generally accepted industry criteria; and
(l) other commercially reasonable criteria as may be defined in advance by Tacora.

Successful bidders will then enter into the appropriate contractual agreements.

Tacora often seeks pre-qualified vendors in the following business areas. This listing represents the majority of business opportunities with our company.

· Vehicle maintenance and repair (cars, small trucks)
· Construction
· Consulting
· Cranes
· Electrical equipment and service
· Environmental
· Equipment rental
· Explosives – Blasting
· Freight – logistics
· Fuel – Oil – Lubricants

· Geotechnical
· Geotechnical drilling
· Heavy Equipment
· Industrial Supplies (pipe, valves, fittings, steel, welding materials, etc.)
· Information Technology
· Janitorial
· Laboratory services and supplies
· Landscaping – Vegetation Control
· Mechanical maintenance
· Medical Safety

· Metal Fabrication
· Mobile equipment parts and service
· Office Supplies and equipment
· Rail services
· Roofing
· Safety Supplies
· Scaffolding
· Surveying
· Training
· Translators
· Waste Management