TACORA Resources is a responsible mining company. We work to build our corporate citizenship, earn the respect of the regions in which we operate and meet our customer expectations. We are focused on keeping positive relations with our neighbors, thorough ecological stewardship, responsible mining and honest communications with all area stakeholders. We see these duties as critical, and these values are embraced and enforced by TACORA’s leadership. 


TACORA is focused on the personal safety of our employees, it is a crucial and core value. We encourage our employees to take safe work practices into their own hands and urge them to stop any unsafe act or operation quickly. Working safely enhances our efficiency and quality of operations which leads to a more productive team. The duty each employee has regarding safety is a deep-rooted value that everyone at TACORA uses on or off the mine site.

Awareness & safety instruction is taught at TACORA every day to ensure the competency in our workforce to distinguish, comprehend, and oversee hazards in the Mine’s operations. Safety training includes topics such as first aid, hazardous materials management, lockout, confined space, fall protection, and other programs aimed to provide the necessary tools to maintain a safe and healthy team. TACORA requires a drug and alcohol-free workplace as another means to help ensure the safety of all our employees.


TACORA takes pride in sound environmental management. Our operations are designed to limit ecological effects and promote responsible stewardship of the lands where we operate


The Tailings Safety Initiative is an investor-led initiative to improve disclosure standards around tailings management in the extractive industry. Led by the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council on Ethics for the AP Pension Funds, the Initiative consists of 96 institutional investors representing over US $10.3 trillion in assets under management. 

Tacora Resources, Inc. is pleased to provide the following letter from our CEO, Thierry Martel, along with the Tailings Storage Area questionaire requested by the Initiative. This information provides a brief overview of our tailings management system and other information that may be of value to our stakeholders.

Further information about the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative is available here.

CEO Letter 

Tacora Tailings Disclosure questionnaire